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Mega Man Star Force. Mega Man, known as Rockman (ロックマン, Rokkuman) in Japan, is a Japanese science fiction video game franchise created by Capcom, starring a series of robot characters each known by the moniker " Mega Man ". Mega Man, released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, was the first in a series that expanded to ...

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Mega Man Games has all the best Megaman games available to play online. The iconic character Megaman has been a favorite of gamers for generations now. The simple, tried and true formula of defeating 8 robot masters, collecting their weapons, and defeating a final enemy never seems to grow old no matter how many different ways you play it.

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Mega Man: The Power Battle. Mega Man is a playable character alongside Proto Man and Bass. In Mega Man's ending, he loses Wily again, and Dr. Light informs him that robots need to make decisions on their own (alluding to one of Light's projects) and Mega Man then decides he will fight for everyone's future.

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Mega Man. This is the very original Mega Man game from back in the day. There are 6 robot masters to fight. Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man. Each one has their own unique stage that Megaman will have to battle through. After defeating a robot master, Megaman will gain that robot master's weapon.

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Error: please try again. In the year 21XX, a century-old capsule is unearthed containing the first Reploid: Mega Man X - a robot able to think for himself. But after a new age of Reploids begins, the powerful Sigma goes Maverick and forms an army of evil Reploids. Stars: Stephen Chang, Megumi Ogata.

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A fifth-grader named Lan has a Navi named MegaMan.EXE—a virus-fighting blue-suited cyber personality who is also Lan’s best friend. Although MegaMan.EXE has no body (unless the PET device itself counts), he can wander around in cyberspace and explore computer systems as if they were alternate worlds.

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2000. Mega Man Xtreme 2. Rockman X2 Soul Eraser. GBC/3DS. 2001. Mega Man X Command Mission. Rockman X Command Mission.